About Us

Shido-kan Israel, is the Israeli branch of Beikoku Shido-kan Karate-do Dojo.

From here you can see our lineage or check belt test requirements.

Please contact us at info@shidokanisrael.com

Dojo History

The Dojo was founded in 1998, in the Givat Ram campus of the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, Israel. It functioned there until moving to the Yossi Ben Yoezer - Wizo Center, also in Jerusalem, Israel. Today the Dojo is located in the Ein Karem Medical School of the Hebrew University, and is open to members from both in and outside of the University. The Dojo also has training locations in Tel-Aviv, Israel and Lund, Sweden (that one is a bit out of the way for most Israeli Commuters...).

The Dojo has regular annual ITS practices, hosting Snader Sensei (6th Dan, Sensei of Amit Michaeli). The Dojo also sends a delegation to the National Training Seminars of the Beikoku Shido-Kan Karate Association in Lansing Michigan, hosted by Iha Sensei (Hanshi, 10th Dan, Head of the Beikoku Shido-Kan Karate Association).